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China’s sexual revolution

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December 13, 2009


Woke up sore-headed after the Foreign Correspondents Club of China party last night at the Bookworm in Sanlitun. A big turnout and a jolly party, even if some of Beijing’s journalists come across as a touch self-important. As John Huntsman, the US ambassador, remarked, anyone who thinks they are an “expert” on China is usually “a moron”.

We travelled out past the third ring-road to meet a young professor of sociology who specialises in the sexual habits of “marginalised” members of society. By which he meant the gays, transsexuals, nudists and swingers. Well-dressed in a leather jacket and delicate glasses, he was very open and optimistic about China’s sexual revolution, suggesting that while it had taken a different form from the liberation of the 1960s in the West, China had caught up rapidly and was now on an even par.

He told us that swinging is growing rapidly among young Chinese, for whom little is taboo. With China’s economic miracle and the arrival of the internet the young have become empowered, having more money than their parents, a better education and usually access to more information and more contacts.

Meanwhile, the old system of social control, of which parents were only one part, has been entirely dismantled, beginning in the 1980s and running through to the 90s. Before, the danwei, or work unit, controlled every aspect of their workers’ lives, including who they could marry. Any extramarital affairs or improper liaisons would be punished, possibly even by the loss of a job and a permanent stain on a worker’s record.

At home, neighbourhood committees closely watched the comers and goers from each house. But the grannies have now been replaced by professional property managers, and while the guards may know who goes into which apartment, they are not as meddling.

Economic prosperity has also resulted in more privacy, larger apartments, and greater urbanisation, all liberating people to lead freer sexual lives. I asked whether the destruction of the old traditions during the Cultural Revolution, and the empowerment of the young had created a brief flowering of sexual activity. The professor said that while the Red Guards had been determined to smash Chinese morality, at the end of the day they still lived at home with their parents and depended on their families for food and money.

He was ambivalent about the effect of the one-child policy on China’s sexual revolution. Some of his colleagues believe the policy disassociated sex from procreation, while others have detected a new selfishness among single children which may heighten their transgressive tendencies. He was unconvinced.



醒来时疼痛为首的后外国记者俱乐部中国 党昨晚在三里屯书虫。阿大快活的投票率, 即使在北京中国手有些势利小人。正如约翰亨斯迈的
美国大使说,谁认为他们是“专家”的 中国通常是“白痴”。
我们走过第三圈的道路,以满足年轻教授 谁专门从事社会学的性习惯“边缘化” 社会成员。作者:他是指同性恋者,变性人,裸体主义者 和浪荡公子。
那么在一个微妙的皮夹克和眼镜穿着,他非常 开放,对中国的性革命乐观,这表明 虽然它是从20世纪60年代以不同的形式解放 在西方,中国迅速赶上,并于1平标准杆了。
他告诉我们,正在快速摆动年轻人中,对 他们很少禁忌。随着中国的经济奇迹,在到达 互联网已成为年轻的授权,有更多的钱比他们的父母,更好的教育,通常获得更多 信息和接触。
同时,社会控制,旧的制度,包括父母 只是一个部分,已完全拆除,在20世纪80年代开始 并贯穿到90年代。在此之前,丹维,或工作单位,控制每一个工人的生命方面,包括他们是谁 可以结婚。任何婚外情或不当的联络会 先打由工作损失和永久的污点工人的 记录。
在国内,居民委员会看了一和观众的拉萨 房子密切合作。但是,奶奶现在已经取代专业 物业管理人员,而保安人员知道谁在其中去 公寓,他们不是干预。
经济繁荣也导致更多的隐私,大 公寓,和更大的城市化,解放了人们的所有领导 自由的性生活。我问老销毁 文革期间的传统,以及赋予妇女权力 年轻的建立了一个简短的性活动开花。教授 说,虽然红卫兵已经确定要打破中国 道德,在今天,他们仍然住在家里的结束 家长及食物和金钱取决于他们的家人。
他模棱两可的一个关于中国的独生子女政策的影响 性革命。他的一些同事认为,政策 脱离性行为生育,而另一些新的发现 在独生子女自私可提高他们的 海侵倾向。他信服。


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December 23, 2009 at 8:30 am

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